In a world where data is the new oil, new technologies are being integrated an increasingly exponential rate in our daily lives. To become successful leaders of tomorrow students of today need a profound understanding of the digital world.

The Summer Coding Bootcamp was developed on the one hand, to meet the high demand for technology courses at the HSG, and on the other hand aims to give students a comprehensive introduction to the field. Over the course of two intense weeks, students will immerse themselves into into the different aspects of current technology.

The course will be conducted in the programming language Python.

Summer School 2018

“The amazing atmosphere during the SHSG Summerschool 2018 really kickstarted my motivation for coding and due to my learnings, I will be attending my first Hackathon this March! A huge thanks to the team for setting up this program and I can definitely recommend the Summer School to anybody that has interest in the world of coding.”

- Matthias Rossini, Bachelor Student

Besides learning the fundamentals of programming and having workshops in the areas IoT, Web Development, AI/ML and Blockchain, the students could deepen their knowledge in a 3-day Hack in a coached group project.

For more info on the The Summer School 2018 check out our website here.

The Summer School 2019

Because of the huge success of the Summer School in 2018, we want to expand the Summer School in 2019 by offering two parallel runs with different focusses.
The fundamentals of programming will be covered in both tracks using Python. In a 3-day hack you will have the opportunity to work on an own project in a group with guidance from the coaches.

Track 1

Web Development & AI/ML

Web Development involves for example the creation of apps or of websites.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve your projects by learning what your data is telling you.

Track 2

Blockchain & IoT

Learn what the buzzword Blockchain is all about and how you can apply this technologies to problems you are facing.

With Internet of Things (IoT) you can interact, automate and optimize your physical environment with sensors and code.



For whom

Applications are open to all Bachelor as well as Master students of the University of St. Gallen.
Fees are CHF 99 for the two weeks. This includes the programme and workshops for the 10 days. The course will be accredited with 2 ECTS for Bachelor students and 3 ECTS for Master students that will be awarded within the Skills area in your contextual studies.

Applications are open now till the 31.05.2019!

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